About Us


To motivate and lead people towards healthy pathways from addiction—one student, one school, one community at a time.


No matter where you live you see the effects of drug addiction.  They are easy to spot because the use of drugs in America is growing.  What many people forget is that for every addict sleeping on a bench or holding up a “will work for food” sign there are many more highly functioning addicts amongst us.  These people may be students, coworkers or our community leaders. They don’t hold up a sign. They are locked in a cycle of addiction and many feel that they have the problem under control.  They may get help and they may not.

The problem with many drugs is that as you become addicted your brain tells you that you are in control.  Unfortunately you are not.  As parents who watched our son struggle with drug abuse, we know firsthand that there is no way to make an addict go to treatment. Even if we did an intervention and had all of our friends and family agree to send Corey to treatment, all he has to do is walk out.  Game Over. The mental health professional that we were referred to told us that “if he thought he controlled the drugs and didn’t want to stop we could do nothing”. This needs to change.

We know that there are many programs to educate and improve awareness about addiction. When we were dealing with our son’s addiction we encountered uninformed school administrators, limited professional mental health assistance, ineffective treatment options and parents/teachers/coaches who chose to ignore the signs in front of them. The limited programs in place did not work and our son slipped through the cracks as a result.

Our foundation will work to better inform friends, families, teachers and school administrators on ways they can effectively help addicts find healthy pathways from addiction. Further we will work with higher education, fraternal organizations and community associations to promote the dangers of drug abuse and help provide a pathway for people with addiction.